Ill never love any boy as much as i love harry
But why no bra

But why no bra

it might seem fine now but i know this whole situation will end badly.

why cant friends be friends and not have to want to fuck each other all the god damn time. this is why i need to only be friends with girls.

I’m so dumb and such an idiot I’m honestly so fucking stupid why can’t I be as smart as everyone else? I’m worth nothing and I’m such a fucking waste of space :(

for some reason my skin is burning and my eyelids feel like they are on fire but dont really care bc i have so much assignments and shit i wanna die anyways

its really hard to try and talk to someone about my issues or just vent to them without feeling attention seeking i literally feel like i have nobody 

im such a fkn mess right now this job and school and lack of money and credit card bills and friends who dont seem to want to see me anymore really aren’t helping with my anxiety right now. i really need a hilary duff movie or im gonna black out.



lil rant

I was so excited for this year, i had a great feeling about it and yes some really good things have happened so far (meeting new people and increasing my makeup skills) but alot of really horrible and shitty things have happened this year not only for me and the people i love and it just really sucks. so many people are having such a hard time this year and for me i am so stressed i have 1000 things on my mind and its so hard to get on top of everything ugh its so harddddddddddddddddddddddddd i know im lucky im not complaining about my life but im under so much pressure atm.

i wonder if i didn’t make an effort to see you would you bother trying to see me. :(